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1 Family. 10 Legs. 1 Rule: Keep The Sea On The Left


Walking Day 10 – Nash To Newport Transporter Bridge

I have to confess, I was weirdly excited to go on this walk. Not only was there the hope of doing a bit of bird spotting, but we were also going to walk past the Newport industrial area.  Now, as walkers, most people don’t want to hang out in industrial estates.  But honestly, not only…
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Walking Day 9 – Caldicot To Nash

Dog wasn’t with us today as he had an attack of ‘Trolley Leg’ when he got out of the car.  Trolley Leg is a terrible affliction that curses those who Don’t Want To Do Things.  They then get a magically ‘hurty leg’, which stops them doing the thing they are meant to be doing, that they…
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