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1 Family. 10 Legs. 1 Rule: Keep The Sea On The Left


Walking Day 3 – Sheepway To Portbury

Cycle Path, Train Lines And Parked Cars This little bit of the ‘coastal’ walk is not really one to be attempted with small children – predominantly because you’re in danger of being flattened by commuting cyclists but also because it’s really fairly dull!  Dog wasn’t massively impressed either as it’s hard to let him off…
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Walking Day 2 – Portishead Salt Marches

Selling The Quest To The Family As it turned out, it wasn’t as hard to sell The Quest to The Family as I feared it might be.  Dog was an easy convert because – being a dog – he loves to walk.  Daddy Pants was initially mildly sceptical (who can blame him?) but then oddly…
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Walking Day 1 – Clevedon to Portishead (6.9 miles)

  What Have I Started? ‘Do you want to have a day to yourself?  I’ll take Baggy Pants to the zoo if you do,’ Daddy Pants casually asked as he hoisted the wriggling child into leggings and a t-shirt.  I hesitated for just a second before leaping on the endless possibilities of the question. ‘YES!’…
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