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1 Family. 10 Legs. 1 Rule: Keep The Sea On The Left


Walking Day 8 – Chepstow To Caldicot

I’m a bit late and somewhat removed from writing this blog post.  My notes have….erm….gone missing.  So I honestly can’t entirely remember the details of it!  But I’ll do my best. We were deeply excited to be on the Other Side Of The Bridge.  Having looked at the Severn Estuary for quite a few weeks,…
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Walking Day 7 – Second Severn Crossing to Chepstow

We’re Stepping Over Into Wales! ‘So…..do you want to go for a walk today?’  I asked Daddy Pants somewhat tentatively.  He was fairly hungover and certainly not firing on all cylinders. ‘Ummm….’ he grunted. ‘I’m hungry.’  And I knew I had him.  If he was hungover AND hungry then it meant that he wasn’t too…
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Walking Day 6 – Severn Beach to the Second Severn Crossing

First Trip With Baggy Pants Baggy Pants is 4.  There are two things that rule her life and her decision-making abilities – ice cream and sunshine.  Put these two things into her day and it’s an almost guaranteeable win.  Our trip to Severn Beach was no exception.  I can’t say that we got terribly far…
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Walking Day 4 – Portbury To Avonmouth

How Charming You Are, Oh M5! If you’d asked me a week ago if I thought that I could have not just an ‘ok’ walk along the edge of the M5 – but an excellent one – then I would most definitely have said a big, fat NO!  No, no, no and no.  But some…
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