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1 Family. 10 Legs. 1 Rule: Keep The Sea On The Left


Walking Day 9 – Caldicot To Nash

Dog wasn’t with us today as he had an attack of ‘Trolley Leg’ when he got out of the car.  Trolley Leg is a terrible affliction that curses those who Don’t Want To Do Things.  They then get a magically ‘hurty leg’, which stops them doing the thing they are meant to be doing, that they…
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Walking Day 7 – Second Severn Crossing to Chepstow

We’re Stepping Over Into Wales! ‘So…..do you want to go for a walk today?’  I asked Daddy Pants somewhat tentatively.  He was fairly hungover and certainly not firing on all cylinders. ‘Ummm….’ he grunted. ‘I’m hungry.’  And I knew I had him.  If he was hungover AND hungry then it meant that he wasn’t too…
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Walking Day 6 – Severn Beach to the Second Severn Crossing

First Trip With Baggy Pants Baggy Pants is 4.  There are two things that rule her life and her decision-making abilities – ice cream and sunshine.  Put these two things into her day and it’s an almost guaranteeable win.  Our trip to Severn Beach was no exception.  I can’t say that we got terribly far…
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